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Feel free to drop by! We would love to host you and show you what Poklisar hospitality is all about.
And remember! One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. We are waiting for you.

About Our Restaurant

The same team has been running Restaurant Poklisar over a decade. Our mission is not only serving the best dishes, but also passing the spark of Mediterranean to our guests. The hospitality and home atmosphere is our remark of distinguish, as well as our friendly and helpful staff, that will make you feel like Dubrovnik is your home away from home.

Originally, in Dubrovnik dialect, the name Poklisar means ‘’an ambassador’’ and that’s what we are. An ambassador of good taste and remarkable moments.

restaurant Poklisar Dubrovnik


It is simple!

Great ingredients make great food.

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Mušule (dagnje) na bijelo 8,53 €
Mussels cooked in white wine with lemon, onion, garlic and aromatic herbs
Caprese 10,40 €
Mozzarella burrata, tomatoes, basil
Marinirani inćuni na rikuli 10,53 €
Marinated anchovies on arugula leaves
Hobotnica na salatu (Adriatic) 11,87 €
Marinated anchovies on arugula leaves
Dalmatinski pršut sa sirom i maslinama 13,07 €
Dalmatian smoked ham, cheese, olives
Pjat s mora 15,87 €
Octopus, marinated anchovies, fillets of raw fish, fish pate
Riblji carpaccio od svježe tune 14,53 €
Fish carpaccio of fresh tuna
Mesni carpaccio 16,53 €
Paper-thin sliced raw beef, Parmesan cheese, arugula

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It’s challenging to demonstrate what Poklisar is. A picturesque restaurant with the great front view, both Italian and Croatian at the same time. In other words, this totally-Dubrovnik-kind-of-restaurant will make you feel as you have crashed the local’s family Sunday lunch. A lot of motion, a lot of sound and the constant buzz. It will consume you. Be ready for the loud laugh and fun and pleasant personal.

Bobo Ljepava


He is simple and humble, but exceptional. We’ll let you be the judge. No matter how shy he might seem, he will be happy to meet you as finish your dining.
Prepare yourself to be surprised !

Danijel Vulanović


Mr. Dado has definitely became a landmark of Poklisar, mostly by his lovable personality, charm and wit, but the fact that he has built his entire carrier in this very restaurant (from the first co-op days) is what makes him precious. We are definitely proud and happy to have him!
Advice: Be careful what slips your mind, he might actually read your thoughts after all those years!


  • By far the best and friendliest restaurant we found in Dubrovnik, we are now making this place part of our wedding plans. Look forward to seeing you all again in May 2016!

    John & Sue
    Best and friendliest restaurant
  • Delicious food, prompt service, in a fantastic setting near the little port where the boat tours run from. Sit outside on a sunny day and watch the world go by. Would have gone back again if I was in Dubrovnik for longer. Waiter was excellent, and food was great.

    Perfect Location
  • In our 3 weeks abroad in Europe, easily one of the best meals we have had. Service is fantastic and has a great atmosphere with live music and amazing views. Would come back again!


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Here, we are sharing our vision of food quality because the customer’s satisfaction is our mission as well as introducing the new services.

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